These downloads can help you in your
community advertising sales...

Offline Sales Demo (33.9 MB)
Allows you to demonstrate a generic Event Center even when no Internet connection is available. Instructions and Notes
Fundraising Guide (.7 MB PDF)
The complete guide to earning an income for your school or organization through webcasting.
Fundraising Kit (2.2 MB ZIP)
All the resources you'll need to have a sucessful fundraising campaign.

In order to webcast your events, you'll need
these essential tools...

Webcasting Guide (5.6 MB PDF)
The complete guide to webcasting your school or orgnization's events.
Windows Media Encoder (9.9 MB)
Encodes the video for playback on the Webcast America website.
Filezilla (4.2 MB)
FTP client that allows you to upload the encoded videos to our servers. Installation Instructions