Relive It Again and Again

Order Webcasts on DVD

Any event that you can watch on the site is also available on DVD, so you can watch that special event again and again on your TV at home. To order, just follow these simple steps:

1. Find Your School or Organization

Use the search box above to find your school or organization, or you can click here to see a complete list of all schools and organizations available.

2. Find the Event You Want to Order

If the event is recent, you'll find it listed right on the Event Center's home page. If not click on one of the categories on the left, then look back for the event you want.

3. Click on the "Order DVD" Link

This link is to the right of the listing. Alternatively, you can click on the event's link and order the DVD from the video page itself.

4. Confirm Your Order

Double-check to make sure you're ordering the right event, then click the "Add to Cart" button. A PayPal window or tab will then open. If that's the only DVD you want, go ahead and check out. If you'd like to order more, simply come back to the site and add more to your cart.

That's it!

Your order will be processed and shipped to you within ten business days.

Note: Our DVD's will be the same quality and include the same content as what is viewable on this website.