Fundraising Opportunities

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Webcast America's fundraising Program.

How have two Minnesota schools raised nearly ten thousand dollars each by webcasting their school's sports and events?

First and foremost, Webcast America is a webcasting company. Our mission is "Bringing People Together" by helping high schools, colleges and other organizations broadcast events of all kinds to every corner of the earth via the Internet. To accomplish this lofty objective, we knew viewing the events had to be free for the audience. We had no interest in charging grandparents to watch their grandchildren grow up.

We also realized many of our webcasting partners, such as high schools, might struggle to afford a fee-based webcasting service. Because of this, we designed our business model around advertising to gain the support of businesses to help fund an incredible educational program and community service.

We are building a network of webcasting partners, rather than simply customers, by offering a fundraising program that actually pays back 50% to the partner, giving them the ability to not only cover the cost of the program, but to raise additional funds that can then be invested into other programs or projects.

We Can Help

We don't just give you the opportunity, we'll help you out as much as we can in your fundraising efforts by providing a comprehesive Fundraising Kit, How-to Guide and support staff to make sure all of your needs are met and questions are answered.

NOTE: Our webcast partners are not required to participate in the fundraiser. Partners can simply pay the annual webcasting fee for live streaming programs. (more info)

Getting Started

Join the growing group of schools now offering webcasting to their community AND enjoying a nice new recurring revenue source. Providence Academy has sold over $16,000 of advertising and Detroit Lakes has sold more than $10,000 so far this year!

Contact us for more information on our Fundraising Program or get the process started right now.

Your community and your budget will thank you!