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"Bringing People Together"

Since day one, bringing people together has been the driving force behind all we do at Webcast America. We have designed a webcasting service that helps high schools, colleges and other organizations keep people connected like never before.

Our advertising-based model not only keeps this service absolutely free for the viewer, but it can also become a recurring revenue stream for schools and organizations. Throw in the fact that we train students and adults in the art of broadcasting, and you can see why our program is growing so rapidly. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

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Sample Clip
Boys Basketball Shot (:51)
Sample Clip
Boys Hockey Goal (:36)
Sample Clip
Football Punt Return (:44)
Sample Clip
Womens Volleyball Action (:46)

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About Webcast America
About Webcast America

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News of our webcasting program is spreading from sea to shining sea, and we have no problem with that! Our hope is that family members, friends and fans across this country and around the world will enjoy tuning in and staying connected to their loved ones and favorite school or organization.

What We Can Offer You

We have a variety of packages designed to fit every budget. Download our latest brochure or contact us for additional information.

Package Features AutoStream LiveStream ProStream
Unlimited On-Demand Video Broadcasts
Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
Online Event Center for Hosting Videos
Free Online Training and Support
Free Phone and Email Support
Free Viewing for Audience
Penny Ad Fundraising System (what’s this?)
Penny Ad Fundraising Commissions
Unlimited LIVE Video Broadcasts
Branded User Interface
Annual Webcasting Subscription

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